Welcome to the  Studio Area

Would you like a world-class drummer to play on your musical project?
No problem! Have your tracks expertly played and recorded by Paul to your stylistic and creative specification.

Paul’s Remote Session Service includes:

• Individual Tracks
• Multiple Tracks
• Album Projects
• Groove Loops
• Sample Fills


How Does It All Work? – Let’s Make It Easy!

Simply make an initial enquiry using the CONTACT form on the website to provide some basic information about your project (i.e. name of artist/band, basic outline of project, number of tracks required, stylistic guidelines, project time frame).

On receipt of this information, Paul will contact you personally to discuss your requirements in further detail, including all the technical specifications, project procedures and financial proposals – with no obligation either way, at this stage.

Once everything has been discussed, and you are happy to proceed, then your project can begin!

For further information on Paul’s studio and related services, please check out the Studio Tour and Studio Session videos, plus the selection of Audio Files.

For all enquiries, Contact Paul

Check Out Paul’s tribute to Robby Ameen, recorded in his studio.

Check Out Paul’s Tribute To Will Kennedy, recorded in his studio.

More Video and Audio examples!

The following examples have been edited from the respective audio tracks in the Studio Session Styles video. Each audio file includes 3 different sonic versions of the drum track (each lasting 20 secs), as follows:

1: Stereo mix of the recorded drum part (Flat, no EQ or effects)

2: Stereo mix of the drum part with some processing (EQ, compression, reverb)

3: Stereo mix of the drum part with processing, plus backing track.

Please note, bearing in mind the file sizes and download speeds, the following audio examples have been converted to MP3 files from the stereo mix of the master WAV files.

If possible, please listen on good quality speakers, or headphones, for an enhanced audio experience! Enjoy!

Check out Paul’s Session Styles video above!