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Ammar Al-Chalabi Professor of Neurology and Complex Disease Genetics, King’s College London, Consultant Neurologist, King’s College Hospital, and Drummer f 19, 20

As a neurologist specializing in the motor system, I know that Paul’s thorough knowledge and understanding of physiology, biomechanics, learning principles and effective practice methods combine with his amazing drumming skills to make him a world leader in this field and an exceptional teacher

Alex De La Cour London f 16, 20

I saw Paul Elliott for a lesson after being unable to drum for four years with tendonitis caused by playing. Within two minutes of me sitting behind the kit and playing, he was able to point out and correct multiple bad habits that I’d developed in fifteen years of drumming. This one lesson with Paul was the catalyst for me to not only be able to play the drums again, but to play them better and with less tension than I ever had previously. I can not overstate how helpful I found him and I would highly recommend his tuition to anyone.

Jane Gregory Alexander Technique Practitioner and Trainer, London f 16, 20

As an Alexander Technique teacher specialising in working with modern musicians, I first worked with Paul some years ago and was immediately struck by his good body use at the kit. One of his great strengths is his ability to incorporate this important aspect into his teaching, which, in my opinion, provides huge benefits for his drum students.

Russell Taylor Newcastle upon Tyne f 23, 19

I am an amateur drummer who plays regularly in two covers bands. I was suffering with painful tendonitis in both arms due to poor technique and was also lacking confidence as a result. Within about three weeks of lessons with Paul, my tendonitis had improved greatly, and the drills Paul gave me helped me to focus my energies much more economically. Playing in a relaxed manner and with less tension has helped me both physically and mentally on the drum kit.

Jason Cooper The Cure, David Bowie f 17, 14

I first met Paul at Drumtech in the early 90’s and his teaching helped me on my way to becoming a successful musician. Most recently, I was experiencing some tendonitis and other physical problems and after a few lessons with Paul they were sorted. His expert knowledge of technique and ergonomics has been invaluable. Thanks Paul.

Graeme Wall The Breakfast Club f 1, 00

I’d thoroughly recommend Paul as a teacher. I was having problems with my technique and my drumming in general and had given up hope of finding a patient and understanding tutor, as I have learning difficulties. Paul walked me through everything with ease – he was so helpful and at a comfortable pace. If you’re looking for a great teacher, then look no further – Paul’s your man

Dr. Rob Burns PhD, Bassist, Associate Professor, University of Otago, New Zealand f 23, 19

Paul Elliott is a world–class drummer whose superb skills are rarely paralleled in contemporary music. In addition to his immense abilities as a musician, Paul has been at the forefront of popular music performance education in the UK and beyond, since the early 1990s.

Sara Raybould Pro Vice-Chancellor, London College of Music, UWL f 23, 19

Paul is a world-class performer and educator, with vast experience in all genres and internationally acclaimed.

Norton York Founder and Chairman, RSL Awards f 23, 19

Paul has been instrumental in helping to establish the credibility and quality of the RSL drum syllabus from the start. In recent years he has been a key performer in recording our drum syllabuses as well as travelling around the world for us to explain our exams to drum teachers and inspire them to play and teach in the best possible ways.

Brian Greene Founder, Gigajam f 23, 19

Paul is undoubtedly one of the leading drum and music educators in the UK and beyond. Unlike many self-professed educators, Paul is the genuine article with a track record second to none.

Tom Rogers Founder, Music Gurus f 23, 19

Paul is a truly world-class drummer and educator. He's extremely professional and good to work with and has helped to build quality and integrity into our Rockschool video lesson products, as well as helping to evolve the format of MusicGurus content. Paul's talents have also helped us to enter new markets, specifically China where he is something of a celebrity! Thanks Paul. Looking forward to our next collaboration.

Jerry Kramskoy Founder, CTO, MusicIncite Ltd f 23, 19

Paul consulted to MusicIncite Ltd, where he provided deep insight, and clarity, into rhyhmic theory, which heavily informed the requirements for Rhythm-X, a central component of our music education product, emuso(TM). Paul has also kept a watchful eye, as emuso has been evolving to product and has always been happy to answer questions and advise. Many thanks, Paul.

Shaun Baxter Guitarist, Director, Academy of Music & Sound f 23, 19

As a British drummer and teacher, Paul's experience, knowledge and ability simply make him peerless. I have been privileged to play with him for many years, and given the chance of playing with any drummer in the world, I would always choose Paul.

Casey Patton California f 25, 19

I'm a self-taught drummer with over 10 years of experience, but had never taken any formal drum instruction. After many years of mediocre practice, I realised I just had no idea how to improve in any consistent way, so I seeked out Paul for a drum intensive. I can definitely say that in two weekends at Paul's house, my drumming has improved more than in several years of practicing on my own, without guidance. The biggest benefit to me is just knowing what to practice when I'm on my own, and having a clear idea of goals for improvement. As an added bonus, Paul's drum set and studio are incredible, and the house is in a relaxed part of the English countryside. Highly recommend!

Budimir Stivicic Croatia f 25, 19

Having studied with Paul through DIME Online, I wanted to take it a step further with some intensive lessons in order to address certain technical difficulties I was facing in my playing. In a very short period of time Paul identified and addressed key areas for me to work on. The concepts Paul shared with me have since had a profound effect on my playing and practicing. While intensive, the lessons were extremely enjoyable and Paul’s studio is well equipped and located in the tranquil English countryside. A couple of days away with nothing but drums and drumming - what more do you want? Highly recommended!

Iain Goodall BIMM, London f 23, 19

I enjoyed a few days of intensive tuition with Paul and it really helped with a specific technical problem that I had been experiencing. I can thoroughly recommend the intensive lesson experience, as it gives more time to really get into a specific topic in greater depth – Lovely studio, in a very relaxed environment, plus free accommodation and you can be assured that Paul will provide expert advice and guidance.

Paul Dinnage Steel Panther f 23, 19

I’ve known Paul a long time and we’ve become good friends. Over that time, I’ve gone from being an amateur to professional drummer. Paul is a fabulous teacher, who can help you do it all and he has helped me immensely over the years. Paul’s studio is amazing, as is the accommodation and setting, and you can really get away from it all and dive into your drums. Any amount of time spent with Paul is time well spent.

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P Davidson Oxford f 23, 19

I find it’s incredibly helpful that Paul is able to offer an intensive weekend’s worth of lessons covering topics of your choice. I see it as like a drumming MOT. Spending time with Paul, who was able to demystify some techniques for me, was invaluable. His place is beautiful and in a lovely area, perfect for studying and just chilling out when you’re done for the day! A true gent, many fun and interesting chats and some lovely meals. Worth every penny. Thanks Paul!

Tim Ayre Cumbria f 23, 19

Even before I’d set foot in Paul’s studio, he had put me at ease with an earlier phone call, where we discussed the content of our intensive lesson day. Paul’s vast knowledge and acute teaching skills quickly kicked in and, throughout the day, I was encouraged, tested and challenged - but always in a relaxed, supportive, friendly and humorous way. The intensive day lesson changed my outlook & approach to drumming and I am looking forward to my next session. Thanks a bunch, Paul.

Aarron Compson Swindon f 23, 19

I was very fortunate to have 2 days of intensive lessons with Paul and I have never learned so much in such a short space of time! Paul’s knowledge is unbelievable and he was so positive the whole time. The whole environment is very relaxed and comfortable - the studio is great and the kit beautiful to play. You don't just get a drum lesson with Paul you get an experience! I can't wait to go back again!

Steve Rock Newark f 23, 19

Having studied with Paul over several years, we've become good friends. I find the intensive lessons work really well for me, as my location makes it difficult to have more regular lessons. Paul's depth of knowledge and experience of both the musical and technical aspects of drumming, together with his ability to explain things and apply them to my learning, makes him an outstanding teacher. As an added bonus, Paul's home and professionally equipped studio, tucked away in the countryside, is a beautiful place to study and stay.

Thomas Magnuson London f 1, 00

I’ve been playing for years, but knew something was still not there for me. I spent two days with Paul, who identified that my kick foot was a thousandth of a hair off the beat when we recorded and isolated it. Now my playing is more solid than ever from the bottom up, and I’m really giving each groove the boot it deserves. Thank you Paul!

Mark Doherty Zhuhai, China f 1, 00

I first studied with Paul back in 1990, in London, which fostered a close friendship after all these years; Later I took SKYPE Lessons with him and in Jan 2020 I spent a week with Paul at his home in the Northumberland countryside. Paul’s experience and tutoring gives you a solid foundation and re-think of your own approach, while teaching you the essentials of good technique, approach and musicality. I wholeheartedly recommend the Drum Retreat experience - well worth it.

Richard Hawes Chepstow f 1, 00

I booked a weekend Drum Retreat with Paul and he was able to condense his many years of experience and deep knowledge into easily understandable learning points that I can apply to my playing. I came away from the weekend with a clear path and lots of motivation to get on with it.